Step #1 – Branding Your New TouchStone Account

In this step you will customize the look and feel of your new TouchStone account by adding your company’s logo and changing the banner and text colors of your application to match your brand and/or website.

Step #2 – Naming the Four Key Functions of Your Business

This short video is a quick introduction to the Four Key Functions where you will organize and store all of your documented procedures. As a next step, decide whether you would like to customize the names of each of the key functions.

Step #3 – Create the Organizational Chart for Your Business

Step #4 – Identify and Organize Your Business Processes

Now start naming the different processes in each of your four key functions. The goal here is to create what could be considered a ‘Table of Contents‘ of your operations manual, or a blueprint of your business in terms of its procedures. In this step you are not having to describe the steps of your process, just the name.

Step #5 – Building Your Job Descriptions

Step #6 – Process Tools: Uploaded Files

Step #7 – Process Tools: Workplans – Converting a Word File into a Workplan

Step #8 – Process Tools: Workplans – Writing a Workplan