Introduction: Processes are color-coded throughout Touchstone to indicate their state of development. Learn about process color identification, what each color indicates, and how to change the color of your processes to accurately categorize and show their development.

Complete: These are processes that have been marked as complete by an admin user because they are no longer in development and are ready to be implemented and used. Processes can also be unmarked as complete if necessary.

In Process: These are processes that contain at least one process tool, but have not been marked as complete yet because they are still in development.

Not Started: These are processes that contain no process tools.

Public: These are processes that may or may not be complete, and a user has marked these processes as Public so it can be accessed by all users. The Public folder is on the TouchStone Dashboard

Public/Complete: These are processes that are complete in their development, and a user has marked this processes as Public and can be accessed by all users.

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