Introduction: Learn what Management Review is.

Managing employees thoroughly is essential in every business. Employees are best managed with processes; the written, orchestrated processes for which they are accountable. The Management Review feature in TouchStone allows managers to review the work their reporting employees are doing and it ensures procedures and systems are being followed. It can also track in which process employees have been thoroughly trained.

Any time there is a problem or breakdown in the work employees are doing, management review gives managers a way to point directly at the processes that were being used and take corrective action by changing the systems or re-training the staff member.

(Note: Before working with Management Review, be sure to gain a complete understanding of how the Control Panel Operates – see the Control Panel section in this manual.)

Managers should be reviewing the work of their reporting employees daily. Here are some basic ideas on how Managers can use Management Review:

  • Check that work is completed.
  • Delegate work and check that it was done.
  • Look in Notes field to see if there are any questions or issues with the completion of work.
  • Review the Completed Folders to assess completed work and to determine if there are problems or complaints from an employee, a customer or a vendor.
  • Review the Completed Folder to compile evidence of work history, performance and efficiency to be used in problem resolution and or during an employee performance review.
  • Review Completed Folders to evaluate and establish key efficiency indicators from each process in the department.
  • Watch the progress of work and review process notes to gain ideas on how the process could be innovated and improved.
  • Thoroughly train employees and document when that training occurred.
  • Track the updates of processes and re-train employees when necessary.
  • Review the Trained Folder in order to make decisions on an employee’s abilities and growth possibilities.

Control Panel & Management Review