Introduction: Learn how to mark a Process Tool master copy as trained.

Step 1: Click the checkbox next to “Train All” to mark all of the processes as trained. You can also mark individual processes as trained by clicking the title of the process you wish to train (See below)

management review 6Step 2: Mark the checkbox next to “Trained” to train an individual Process Tool. Also select the “Training Notes” button to include training notes. Be sure to include:

    1. Any exceptions noted during the training process.
    2. How long the training took and what was covered.
    3. Any additional training that is needed.
    4. What the employee test scores where if a test was taken.

Step 3: Once the Notes Field is complete, click the “Save” icon to save.

Step 4: All processes that have been trained will be marked with an green check.

(Note: The Last Updated field displays the date that the Process Tool Master was last changed, added to and or modified in any way by a user who has create access to the tool. When a process is updated, the trained check mark will be removed until the manager re-marks the process tool as trained. This ensures that users are aware that the process has been modified and the employee may need to be trained again.)

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