Introduction: Learn what the Control Panel is and how to customize it.

The Control Panel provides users the ability to interactively follow, track and complete their processes as part of their daily work. Specific process tools inside a process can be opened as trackable copies. When a user clicks on a Process Tool in the Control Panel, a copy of that tool is created for an employee to use. For example, if a user clicks on a Check List in their Control Panel, a copy of that check list is opened for the user to “mark off”, complete and save indicating they have followed the process. Employees can now complete and save work plans, check lists, forms and more.

The Process Tool Copies are saved in a completed folder archived by date and can be searched and retrieved for management review.

The Control Panel also displays the date the Process Tool Master was last updated and indicates if specific users have been trained in that process.

The Control Panel gives employees direct access to their systems. It keeps them focused on the orchestrated processes that need to be followed, thereby eliminating costly errors and lag time.

Control Panel & Management Review

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