Introduction: Learn how to run a report in Control Panel and Management Review using the Reports tab in Touchstone.

Step 1: Select the Reports tab from the top of any Touchstone page.

Step 2: Select whether you would like to run the report in Management Review or Control Panel.

A Control Panel Report will run a report of the completed work, that person logged in has completed/A report of your own completed work, run by them.

A Management Report allows a manager to run a report of the completed work their employees have done.

Step 3: Select which criteria to filter your report. There are 5 options. You can choose one, multiple, or none to run a report for all processes.

  1. Start Date: Select a month, date, and/or year to search after that date.
  2. End Date: Select a month, date, and/or year to search before that date.
  3. Save As: Type in a title for a specific process to run a report for that process.
  4. Position: Select a specific position/control panel you have access to.
    User: For Management Review Reports. Select the user/employee you want to run a report for.
  5. Process Tool Type: Select a specific process tool type to run a report for that process tool type.

Step 4: Select [Run Report].

Step 5: You can click any of the titles of the process tools to be taken to the Control Panel or Management Review for that completed process.