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Every Tuesday at 11:00 Pacific Time

In these 1 hour live calls, among other things, you’ll

  • identify the most important positions and processes for right now
  • write processes
  • learn how to manage your employees while they’re working from home


  • You’ll hear and see what other businesses are doing to innovate and thrive
  • We’ll be addressing all of the F.A.Q’s for the week – the biggest questions you have about creating a process dependent business
  • You’ll get real-time direction, support and guidance.

Spend 1 hour a week WORKING ON your business or department.

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Send Your Employees

Give us one hour a week of your employee’s time and we’ll assist them in documenting their most important processes.

We’ll help them turn the tasks they are accountable for into simple, trackable tools that make it easy to train and manage them from anywhere.