Introduction: Learn how to insert a hyperlink into a process tool. Hyperlinks will embed a hot link into a Work Plan, Check List, Script or Document. The hot-link will connect to any other part of TouchStone or to external websites.

Step 1: To insert a hyperlink open the toolbar of the Work Plan, Check List, Script or Document where you want the hyperlink.

Step 2: Highlight the “link word” (the word in your text that will become the hyperlinked word). Then select the link icon from the toolbar.

Note: If its an external link use the name of the website or webpage. If your link is internal (inside of touchstone) use the name of the process tool that you are linking to.

Step 3: When the link box appears use the down arrow and select the link type. If the link is an External Link, outside of TouchStone, select URL.

Step 4: Type in the URL for the external link and click insert.

(Note: to create a hyperlink to an external website or web page, the URL must include http:// at the beginning.)

Step 5: If the desired link item is within TouchStone, look through the link types and select the appropriate type/choose the correct process tool type. 

Step 6: When the link type is selected, the entire list of available item under that type will appear. Choose the correct title and select inset. 

Step 7: The link word will be highlighted in blue. Save the Work Plan, Check List, Script or Document by clicking the save icon. If you do not save your work the hyperlink will be lost.

(Note: If you are attempting to change an existing hyperlink from one link to another, you must delete the old link word, re-type it and then link it to the appropriate place.)

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