Introduction: Learn how to add processes to a Job Description.

A process can be added to the “Job Description” in two ways:

  1. Either by adding an existing process from the Four Functions list, or
  2. By adding a new process directly to the “Job Description” which will then automatically store it in the “Four Functions” list.

Add Existing Process

Step 1: To add a process previously entered into TouchStone from the Four Functions list, select “Add Existing Process”.

Step 2:
The “Add Existing Process” dialogue box will appear with a drop-down box. Click on the “Sub Function” drop-down to select processes.

Step 3: Then click the box titled “Sub Function”. A second drop down box will appear with Sub Function choices from your Four Key Functions.

Step 4: A list will then appear with the title “Processes”. The first process from that Sub Function will be listed. Click on this down arrow to show all the existing processes in this Sub Function.

Step 5: Choose the process/es and click “Save”.

Add New Process

Step 1: To add a “New Process” to a “Job Description”, select “Add New Process”.

Step 2: Enter the name of the process you wish to add in the “Process Title” box.

Step 3: You will then see the Add New Process box. Select which Sub Function the process will belong to. This will tell TouchStone where to place the process on the “Job Description”.

(Note: Adding a new process from the “Job Description” pages will also save that process in the Four Functions.)

The “Four Functions” is connected to the “Job Descriptions”. If you add a new process decide which Function and Sub Function that process belongs in.

Step 4: Select the Save button. 

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