Introduction: Learn how to assign Control Panel access to a user in User Accounts.

It is best to assign a Control Panel to the Account Administrator first, (the Account Administrator is the first user on the user list and is designated with a blue key next to their name). Then assign a Control Panel to each of the remaining users on the list.

Two Types of Control Panel Access:

Manager Assignment: If the user is defined as a Manager they will be given a Control Panel for their position and they will be given Management Review Access to all of their subordinate positions shown on the Organizational Chart. Management Review is a tool for managers to see their subordinate’s Control Panels, review completed work, and ensure training. For more on Management Review, see the Management Review section of this manual.

Staff Assignment: If the user is defined as Staff, they will be given a Control Panel for their positions only. They will not see a box called Management Review on their Dashboard. If a user fills more than one position on the Organization Chart, be sure to create Control Panels access for each of position they fill.

Step 1: Select users from the User List and then click the Control Panel button.

Step 2: Then select the position from the Organizational Chart for the user.

Step 3: Define the user as a Manager or Staff by clicking the appropriate button on the screen. If the user is a Manager (a position that manages other employees), click the Manager button. If the user is a Staff member (not a manager of other employees), click the Staff button. Then click “Update”

(Note: The control panel access selected will then be designated with the color of the access given.)

Step 4: To give users a Control Panel for multiple positions, simply repeat the assignment process for every position the user fills. When you are finished assigning the control panel, click “Done”

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