After you have selected a process or tool within a process to assign the assignment window will appear

In the Assignment window choose:

  • Due date
  • Send a notification
    • If you want the employee to receive an email notification for the assignment
  • Enter Notes
    • Notes can be instructions to the employee the are specific to the assignment

Select the Assign button to complete the assignment.

Once the assignment has been saved you will see the assignment saved successfully banner. Click the Position above the process title to go back to review the assignments and confirm.

Assigning a Process Tutorial

Editing an Assignment

  • Select the process in the assignment window or select the edit icon
  • Edit the assignment date, notifications, notes and save.
  • You can also delete the assignment by selecting delete.

    When you edit an assignment, if you have assigned the entire process you will be editing the assignment information for all of the process tools(workplans, checklists, scripts etc.) If you want to make different due dates for each process tool, delete the assignment and go back and assign each tool separately. 

Completed Assignments

  • View Completed Assignments under the Assignments window in Management Review.
  • Select the process title to view the employees completed assignment
  • Select the note icon to view notes field. 
    • Once an assignment is completed a manager can’t edit the notes field.

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