Introduction: Learn how to use AI to build a Workplan and Checklist

Step 1: To begin, add a Workplan or a Checklist to your process, and enter a Name and Objective.

  • For more on how to create a Work Plan, click HERE
  • For more on how to create a Checklist, click HERE

Step 2: Click on the box with the “Squiggle”

Step 3: A box will appear, asking for a prompt. Insert a prompt that you would like the AI to generate. When you are happy with your prompt, click “GO”

(NOTE: “Create a step-by-step process for:” is already implanted in your prompt)

Once you are happy with the AI’s response, click “Add to work plan”


(NOTE: The AI will rarely be perfect, but you can always edit your process tool later)

If you are using the AI on an existing Workplan/Checklist, you have the option to “Add”, or “Replace” the existing content.

(NOTE: A “Replaced” Worplan will completely change the contents to the AI-generated response and the prior content will be removed. Instead of replacing with AI, you can always archive the old Workplan/Checklist, and create a new one with the AI)

Tips For the Prompt:

1. The most effective way to ask AI questions is to be as specific as possible

  • Provide as much context as possible.
    • E.g. The specific industry, the size of the company…

2. Try to avoid open-ended or overly complex questions

3. Use clear and concise language

  • Simple and straightforward language

4. Use a polite or neutral tone to elicit a helpful response


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