Your TouchStone Dashboard will display when you first log in. The Dashboard page will provide access to your Control Panel, Management Review, and Public Processes. Also, you have access to the tool bars for The Four Key Functions, The Organizational Chart, Reports, Account Admin, Search, and User Settings.

Control Panel & Management Review

  • The “Control Panel” box displays all of the Job Descriptions that are assigned to your account. Click on a job title to access the Control Panel for that Job Description.
  • The “Management Review,” box displays all of the employees who report to you. Click a user’s name to access the Management Review for that user.

(Note: The “Control Panel” and “Management Review” boxes will be empty if the user’s access was not assigned through Account Administration. See Administration for how to assign user access.)

Public Processes
The “Public Processes” box displays all of the processes that are made accessible to all users.

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