Introduction: Learn how to create and send a new message in the Message Center. 

Step 1: From your Inbox, select the “New Message” button

message center 3

Step 2: Add recipients in the “To:” field by clicking in side of that box, select recipients by checking the box next to their name, and click the “x” when you are finished. You can also enter an email address to send outside of Touchstone by entering the email into the box underneath “Enter email address:” and selecting Enter. A recipient can be removed from the “To:” field by clicking the “x” next to the recipient you wish to remove.

message center 4

Step 3: Flag the message as normal, management request, urgent, task request, response, new process announcement, or process update announcement. A new message is automatically flagged as Normal.

message center 5

Step 4: Enter a subject into the “Subject:” field. A Subject is not required. If no subject is entered, the Subject line will appear blank in the recipient’s Inbox.

message center 6

Step 5: Enter a message and click the “Send” button (there is also a “cancel” button if you wish to discard the message).

message center 7