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Account Administration (Account Admin)
The part of Touchstone where the Account Admin can add new users, edit the information and login information of existing users, and delete users. Here you can also assign Control Panel and User Access.

Account Administrator
The main user of the Touchstone account. This is the first account created and has complete access to users and the Touchstone account.

Admin User
A user of the Touchstone Account that is assigned all of the abilities and accessibility as the Account Administrator.

When a process tool is in development, you may want to save previous versions of the process tool. This is called archiving. All previous versions of a process tool that were archived can be accessed in the Archive Folder.

A recorded file that can be uploaded to a process. (Note: Only mp3 file format is able to be uploaded).



Check List
A process tool that consists of a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered. A list of action steps that need to be taken with check boxes to monitor the process. Check Lists should be used when you want to monitor the process and be assured that each step is being accomplished.

Completed (Control Panel)
A process tool can be completed in the Control Panel when a user has completed work on that process tool.

Completed (Process)
A process is complete when it has been fully documented. A process can be marked as complete on the Process Details page, which will turn the process title black.

Control Panel
The section of TouchStone which provides users the ability to interactively follow, track and complete their processes as part of their daily work.

Create Access
Allows the user to utilize all TouchStone functionality except:

  • Adding new processes to the Four Functions list.
  • Adding new Sub-Functions to the Four Functions list.
  • Re-ordering process on the Four Functions List.
  • Deleting processes from the Four Functions List.
  • All Organization Chart functionality

(Create access is recommended for users who are in Managerial positions and are entrusted to build and innovate all the job descriptions and work process for their position and their department.)


Description (Check Lists)
A part of a Check List Item that describes and/or gives details about that specific Check List Item.

“Doing” the Business
A section of the Four Key Functions. The “Doing” The Business function should contain processes for delivering the businesses products or services. Processes used to Do or preform the work of operations, production and/or service.


Edit Access
Allows the user to edit everything they have access to. Users with Edit access can:

  • Edit the name of processes and the objectives that are linked to the job descriptions they have access to.
  • Edit any of the process tools, including adding or deleting tasks or content.

Edit access is recommended for users who are entrusted to modify, innovate and update existing work processes. These users are typically filling non-managerial positions and are not authorized to create or modify job descriptions.

A section of a Work Plan. The expectations section of a Work Plan is for documenting quantitative, qualitative, or subjective details of the Work Plan, anything that is not a task.


Creates customized forms with columns and rows to assist in the process when inputting information. Sometimes processes need forms when part of the process has to be written down and captured. Existing forms can be cut and pasted into TouchStone for use. Forms almost always need a corresponding Work plan to explain how it used.

Four Key Functions
The Four Key Functions are used to create and organize all your work processes. These are the Four Key Functions that are set as a default to every account are: “Guiding” The Business, “Getting” The Business, “Doing” The Business, and “Running” The Business.


“Getting” the Business
A section of the Four Key Functions. The “Getting” The Business function should contain processes for marketing strategy, advertising, lead generation and sales. Processes used to Get new business.

Groups (Control Panel & Management Review)
A system of organizing Processes for work in the Control Panel and Management Review.

“Guiding” the Business
A section of the Four Key Functions. The “Guiding” The Business function should contain processes for business strategy and employee management. Processes used to Guide the business and its employees.


Home Page
The main page of every TouchStone account. The Home page will show your Welcome Center, and it will provide access to your Control Panel, Management Review, Message Center, and Public Processes.

A link from one location to another inside or outside of TouchStone. TouchStone can hyperlink to anything that has a url address.



Job Description
A list of processes that an employee is responsible for.


Key Account Holder
An Administrative user who also has access to upgrade the account and to access Account Settings.



Management Assignment
In Account Administration you can give Management Access to users that hold a managerial role. If the user is defined as a Manager they will be given a Control Panel for their position and they will be given Management Review Access to all of their subordinate positions shown on the companies Organizational Chart.

Management Review
Management Review is a tool for managers to see their subordinates’ Control Panels, review completed work and ensure training. It allows managers to review the work their reporting employees are doing and it ensures procedures and systems are being followed. It can also track in which process employees have been thoroughly trained.

Message Center
A tool in TouchStone where all users can send and receive messages from other users within their TouchStone account.



Processes, Job Descriptions, and all Process Tools have the option of containing an objective. A strong objective should explain the result expected of the process. It is recommended that Objectives be written as short sentences or phrases, generally starting with “how to” or “ensure that”.

Operating Manual
A collection of all processes and process tools (with details) for one Job Description. The Operating Manual for any positions can be accessed from the Job Description.

Organization Chart (Org Chart)
A hierarchical method of organizing Job Descriptions visually.


Policy Note
A process tool that will document important policies related to the process.

The Work, Procedure, and/or System that contains process tools, and is organized under Sub Function categories.

Process Details
Includes the title and objective of the process. Also contains fields to mark the process as complete and/or make it available in the Public folder.

Process Library
A collection of completed processes that are available to be added to your Sub Function lists.

Process Tool
A Template/Tool used to document the Work within a Process. There are eight process tools: Work Plans, Checklists, Scripts, Uploaded Files, Forms, Policy, Video, and Audio.

The part of a script which instructs the reader on why and when they are to be using the corresponding script

Public Processes
Processes that should be available to all users. They are processes not on any Job Descriptions on any position, but rather are the responsibility of all employees. (ex: Human resources process such as vacation time and employee handbook, meeting guidelines, time management, and customer service processes such as greeting clients and prospects).



Read Access
Allows the user to read and print the content they have access to. Read access is recommended for users who will only be viewing work processes which have already been developed. These users are not entrusted to edit processes, but are encouraged to look for innovations and recommend them to their manager for implementation.

A comprehensive list of processes that have been completed by users in either the Control Panel or Management Review.

“Running” the Business
A section of the Four Key Functions. The “Running” the Business function should contain processes for administration, finance, human resources and information technology. Processes used to Run/Support the business.


A written narrative with prompts to guide the result of the process. A script can be spoken word for word. Scripts almost always need a corresponding Work Plan in which there use is explained. Certain steps of a Work Plan may be scripted.

Simple View
A mode of viewing the Organization Chart. This mode shows all job descriptions in a simple list and is helpful if you have a lot of job descriptions on your Org Chart.

Staff Assignment
An access level that is assigned by the Account Administrator. If the user is defined as Staff, they will be given a Control Panel for their positions only. They will not see a box called Management Review on their Control Panel.

Strategic Processes
These are processes that are high level. Processes that focus on the business itself – strategic work, managerial work, development work, and reporting/analysis. Generally done by a managerial position.

Sub Function
A sub-category of work that holds all of your Processes in lists, within the Four Key Functions.


Tactical Processes
Processes that are technical, operational, staff work. Processes that are nonmanagerial. 

Work Plans have tasks, which are steps in the process. 

When a process has been explained, and the user has been trained in this process, it can be marked as “trained” in the Management Review.

Tree View
A mode of viewing the Organization Chart, which displays Job Descriptions in boxes, connected by their assignment.


Uploaded File
Allows the user to upload Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and Powerpoint files to be used in the process. All uploaded files are held on the TouchStone server and are accessible from wherever the user logs in. (Note: Only .xls, .doc and .ppt file formats are able to be uploaded) Uploaded files can be used for quantification of the process, measuring its effectiveness. Or they may be supplemental documents to the process that will not fit into any of the other process tools.

An account where access to TouchStone can be restricted. Anyone other than an Account Administrator.

User Access
Different access levels based on what the function or accessibility of each employee should be. There are three access levels: read, edit, and create.


A process tool that allows user to upload video files. All uploaded files are held on the TouchStone server and are accessible from wherever the user logs in. (Note: Only Mpeg4 and flv formats are able to be uploaded). Video files may be used as supplements to process tools.


A process to with step-by-step task listing to fully document how a process is accomplished. Every process usually needs a Work Plan. Work Plans are used for training and the more detailed your Work Plan is the easier it will be to train employees using it.