Question: If I accidentally delete a process tool can I recover it?

Answer: Yes, go to “view deleted” and restore it from there.

Question: Why can I not edit any of the content in my process tools?

Answer: You have read only access and cannot edit or change any content. If your access level is incorrect contact your account administrator or manager.

Question: Do I need to use all of the process tools?

Answer: No, many processes will only need work plans. Only use the tools that make since for the process.

Question: I am cutting and pasting text in from Word and the text in my tasks are diferent sizes and shapes. Why did this happen?

Answer: When you cut and paste into a task from Word you will paste in the text as it existed in Word which maybe a different font and font size. The best way to cut and paste is to paste the Word text in as “text” then it will match the TouchStone font and font size. Use the “paste text” icon in the tools bar.

Question: Can I cut and paste images into tasks?

Answer: depending on your browser you may be able to but the images wont save. The only way to make the image stable is to use the image upload icon on the tool bar and uploaded the file to the task.

Question: Can I hyperlink from a task to a document on my computer?

Answer: No, the hyperlink tool will only hyperlink to things that have a url address like a website, webpage or webtool. TocuhStone cannot hyperlink to software or documents. The best way to reference a document is to make it an uploaded file.

Question: Can I resize images once they are uploaded?

Answer: Yes, make sure to click open the task and then drag the image from the corners to resize.

Question: How do I edit an uploaded file?

Answer: Click “view file” which will open it. Make your changes and re upload the file, which will replace the old one with the new one.

Question: My video file is not mp4 how do I convert it?

Answer: See Converting a Video File to mp4