Question: Why do I not see Management Review on my Home screen?

Answer: If Management Review is not appearing on your Home screen then it has not been set up. In Account Administration users are assigned Control Panels and when a Manager has a managerial Control Panel they will be able to see their employees Control Panels through Management Review

Question: I have a managerial Control Panel but I still don’t see employees in Management Review.

Answer: Make sure the users have been assigned Control Panels for the positions you manage or the positions that are underneath you on the org chart.

Question: What does Trained mean?

Answer: When an employee is marked as trained in a process and the trained flag has been selected then that means the employee has learned that work and is prepared and ready to perform it.

Question: Are processes access in Management Review editable/can they be changed?

Answer: No, documents viewed through Management Review are copies of what the employee completed and cannot be changed by the manager.