Q: What is the difference between Strategic work and Tactical work?

A: Strategic work is strategy work, development work, managerial work, the higher level work of the business. Tactical work is the technical work of the business, done by non-managerial positions.

Q: What is the Objective field on a Job Description for?

A: The objective is the purpose of that position. It is not specific details on what that position does, it is the overall objective or result of the position.

Q: Can I move processes from the Strategic section of the Job Description to the Tactical, or visa versa?

A: Yes, all of the positions on a Job Description are drag and drop.

Q: Why do some of the processes on my Job Descriptions have text underneath the titles and some do not?

A: The text under the process titles is the objective of that process. To create an objective, select the process and enter it into the objective field.

Q: Can I add a process directly to a Job Description?

A: Yes, use the “Add New Process” tool bar button.

Q: Are there processes on the Job Descriptions that are not on the Four Functions list?

A: No,  every process is in the Four Functions list, and is also linked to the Job Description. It is not possible for a process to be on a Job Description without it being in the Four Functions list.