Question: Where are process tools that I have saved go?

Answer: Completed process tools (workplans, checklists, forms, etc.) are saved in the completed folder next to the process tool (see the completed folder) Completed process tools can also be found by running a report.

Question: Can I print completed process tools form the Control Panel?

Answer: Yes, once a tool is saved its available to print or to be exported to Word. See Printing Completed Process Tool Copies

Question: Why would I complete something in the Control Panel

Answer: Completing processes in the Control Panel allow you to verify that the work was done, track progress of work, keep work history and to ensure that employees are following the processes.

Question: How do the processes in the Control Panels get there?

Answer: When you link a process to a Job Description then that process will be available in the Control Panel for that position. When you remove a process from a Job Description then its is removed from that Control Panel.

Question: Can employees have multiple Control Panels?

Answer: Yes, if they fill multiple positions on the Org Chart then they should have multiple Control Panels

Question: Who can see the work employees have completed in their Control Panels?

Answer: The employees Manager is the only user who can see an employees work. This happens through Management Review.