Question: Who can access Account Administration?

Answer: Only employees who have been set up  as administrators.

Question: What is the difference between “User Access” and Control Panel in Account Administration?

Answer: User Access allows you to set the type of access, to TouchStone, that each employee/users has. Choose the position they will have access to and what type of access they will need – Read, Edit or Create

The Control Panel assignment in Account Administration allows you to assign a Control Panel to the employee for the position or positions they fill.

Question: I’m trying to add a user but when I fill in the fields and click update nothing happens

Answer: Make sure that the email address/username your using doesn’t have any capital letters in it. If the problem continues make a change the username/emails address your using. If a email address/username already exists in our system it cant be used twice.

Question: Can I change the Key Account Holders details?

Answer: Yes, click the Key Account Holders name on the user list edit the details and click update.

Question: Can I change Administrators to Users and vise versa ?

Answer: Yes, select the name from the user list and change the status under “user type”

Question: Why should I set up user accounts?

Answer: Each person who is accessing TouchStone should have their own username and password/user account because then their access TouchStone can be restricted based on their work requirements. In addition, when employees complete work in their Control Panels and Managers keep training information in Management Review, that information is unique to them and cannot be seen or changed by anyone but their manager,

Question: Can I have many employees logging into Touchstone with the same username and password/user account?

Answer: Yes, but you will be sacrificing the ability to restrict individual access and Control Panel and Management Review functionality